Why I Might Stop Being A Full-Time Entrepreneur

In order for the now to make sense, I would have to tell you a little bit about my past.

Let’s start in 2010.

July 7th, 2010: I was offered my first “big boy” job in Corporate America. I worked for a company that taught me a lot, gave me opportunity and poured tons of value into me. I will never regret working at that company. I instantly became a top performer at my company, and my hunger and drive just kept pushing me higher and higher. After a year and a half to two years in the role, I knew it was time for me to move up in the corporate ladder.

2012: After applying at manager jobs, within my company, doing interviews and not getting any suitors, I decided to look out of state for opportunity. I did three interviews, didn’t get the offer for a promotion and I felt like I couldn’t just wait and settle for what the Chicago market was offering me (the world is bigger than your street and there is opportunity everywhere). I was living in Carol Stream, Illinois and the truth is, I hated Illinois. I was not happy living there. Dealing with the traffic, the tolls, the potholes, the shady people, the expensive cost of living and the disrespectful weather was simply too much for me. Not getting hired there was a blessing and it told me to pursue another place.

I applied in Florida, Southern California and Arizona (the only three places I envision myself living in America). I knew that If I could land in one of those warm weather places that I would be happy because my main complaint was the weather. I did not want the California one that bad because the cost of living and traffic still would’ve been a problem. But as a lifelong Laker fan, fresh off of two championships and they still had my favorite player, Kobe Bryant, I felt like I could make it work in So-Cal if they would’ve hired me.

Interview Process: My first interview was for a spot in Boca Raton, Florida. My next interview was for a spot in Bakersfield, California. My last interview was for a spot in Phoenix, Arizona. I was offered all three jobs and given a few days to decide where to take my career and my life.

I originally decided that I was going to take the Florida role but honestly, I felt like I was going to go down there and party too much as I was an early 20-something. The California role was too far from the actual city of Los Angeles and I didn’t want to live in a cornfield (sorry to my fans in Bakersfield, California).

The Arizona offer felt perfect to me. Warm weather. The other managers I’d be working with seemed like humble people. The cost of living was great and most importantly, nobody lived there that I knew - so it would be a clean restart for me, and that was more important than really anything else. I wanted to be alone and on my own. I wanted to find myself and work on my books that I never had time to do back in Chicago. I knew people in Florida and California already. I wanted to get promoted and focus on my career but my desire to become a best-selling author increased, a lot. I actually wanted to quit my job and write books, travel the world and speak to people about personal development, but I knew it wasn’t time to do that. I trusted my gut — I moved to Arizona.

2019: My planned all worked out in my favor. Now, I am a bestselling author of 8 books, host of a semi-popular and valuable podcast, the Free Your Energy podcast, and most importantly I am a happy person who feels like he found himself and what he is truly interested in. I love writing books and traveling to speak. I love helping people with my ideas about healing, self-development, relationships and happiness. From a career perspective, it is truly rewarding and makes me feel fulfilled. I know there are a million artists who wish they could have the success that I have had.

I am successful. But to me, success isn’t just about what you gross. It’s bigger than that. The truth is, my business only takes 10-30 hours a week to run. I could do it in ten hours if I simplified everything. Working 10 hours a week seems like a joy but it’s really not. It sucks because everyone else works all the time so I found myself alone and free, which is fine, but I value human connection too. I value being around people. I value sharing stories and ideas with people, listening to friends and being apart of other’s life. I am introverted but I am very social too. I consider myself to be an ambivert, a perfect balance of introvert and extrovert.

There have been days over the last 6 years where I will wake up and I have already made $450 that day. If you woke up and made $450 you’re going to have two reactions: get greedy and figure out how to make it $1,000 in a day or you’re going to say, “Well damn, I’m about to relax today.” Both are great responses but when that happens enough it makes you see the world differently than most.

One of the main reasons I quit my corporate job in 2013 was because I was not making my worth. I was giving way too much value to my company and the compensation was not worth it. They also wanted me to work so much that I couldn’t balance my life outside of work. I never want to go through that again. I am all about balance. I simply want to balance everything in my life. Now, I am making my worth, but the problem is I am missing something that is very important: consistent human connection. That alone for me is the main reason why I want to get a job, working with people, working with others who have ideas, struggles and goals.

I have my dream job: be a full-time author, help people deeply, and position myself to make steady income off of my efforts. after 6 full time years fo doing this, 8 books, 50 speaking engagements, 400 youtube videos, 10,000 posts on Facebook and Instagram, 500 LinkedIn posts, 7,000 tweets, and impacting over 1,00,000 people it has become time for me to ask: what do I want my next ten years to look like, professionally. I will never stop writing books. I will never stop writing quotes. I do not plan to end my podcast. I do not plan to stop touring and speaking in public, I don’t. To me, that is all my home but now I want to venture out. I want to get a job working with others so I can be apart of the community here in Phoenix.

Sylvester why not start your own company: Well, I have an LLC., and there have been contractors that I have hired to work for me and that has been a great experience. All of my business has been conducted under my LLC for the last 6 years. I have a company but as far as expanding it further, that is not really a goal of mine right now. I would however love to start my own restaurant in a few years. I do want to have my own line of lotion, soap and home care products. I do want to have my own wine, specifically Sauvignon Blanc because that is my favorite. I have the brain of a hustler but for me, it is all about what feels right to me. I am not motivated by money alone; that is empty to me. I am motivated by what is going to fulfill me the most at that time in my life, simply. My work as an author fulfills me but it doesn’t fulfill me socially, and that is where I am struggling, and that is why I am looking to add another opportunity to my plate.

So what are you thinking of doing: Well, Last week I applied at one fine dining locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and they called me in for an interview. Literally, I applied at one place and they interviewed me. Sounds like perfect alignment to me. It went well and the second interview is today. I believe working in a fine dining establishment might be what I need. I’m passionate about culinary and wine. I am passionate about the food industry, serving people, customer service and giving an experience to people. It’s a high-income place with working professionals who truly value the position. These professional are ones I can study and learn from. I would love the opportunity to take on a new industry, so why not something I care about?

Before I quit my job I was working in management. I quit because I wanted to multiply my business on the side to be six-figure a year business and I needed time, focus and energy to do that. Now that my time investment is 20 hours a week, I seek more. I seek fulfillment, the social fulfillment, I seek new opportunities, I want to learn, grow and be a key component to someone’s success. They told me they are flexible and have set schedules. If they offer me a part-time position, I will take it. I am more than excited about the opportunity.

Shame: Some people who call themselves entrepreneurs may say, “Well, you’re an employee now and an entrepreneur on the side so don’t call yourself an entrepreneur.” Honestly, I don’t give a damn what people think about me. I’m concerned about taking care of my family and if that means I have to become a garbage man, I will. If I need to be the CEO and expand my company, I can. If I need to be humble and take a position that someone may say is beneath me, I will. There is no shame in my game. No title defines me. Being a best-selling author does not define me. Being a international speaker does not define me. Being a retired professional athlete does not define me. Being a college graduate or not, does not define me. I don’t care about these titles that everyone else obsessives over. I care about my happiness and my fulfillment, not your judgment. I am happy and I will do whatever it takes for me to be happy. If you read this far I hope you don’t shame yourself because of what others think - who cares what they think. Most people don’t like themselves so you’d be a damn fool to care about who does and who does not like you. Enjoy your life, secure the bag and live freely. Free Your Energy.

I wrote this quote in my Free Your Energy book and I feel it, deeply now that I am going through it myself:


I believe that we are supposed to adapt, change and grow in life. To me, staying the same is impossible. Doing the same things over and over and actually getting fulfillment out of them seems like a lie. I believe the entire purpose of life is to forever seek growth and to evolve. The word evolution exists for a reason. If we refuse to change, then we die on the inside. If we ride the wave of life, taking the ups and the down, then to me that is when we truly find life, when we truly find purpose, when we truly find meaning. I recommend reading my book, Free Your Energy.