Never Stop Showing How Much You Care

One of the greatest gifts we have to give is the verbal expression of appreciation. We can wait until a person passes to give them praise, love and attention or — we can do it now. I believe in honoring people and celebrating them. I believe in building a life of love and sharing that space with others. If you care about your kids, friends, your parents, partner, your self or anyone else in your life always remember to show love. It costs you nothing but a little effort. Giving good energy creates a karmic return of good. We all want to be shown love. You create community when you do it, it creates a space for people to return back to you as well. If you want the love give it out too. It’s the only way. Here are two tips you can use to show more love in your life today:

  1. Get in the habit of expressing gratitude for every small little thing. Really value when someone holds the door, when they compliment you, when they say something positive to you or about you. We often ignore these messages due to unworthiness. Accept and appreciate those moments instead. Also, you can be more mindful of the feedback ou are giving people with your words. Consider being less analytical and critical of others, instead be accepting and simply observant — without the judgments. Grow to a space of accepting and honor a person for who they are.

  2. It sounds so simple but simply ask someone you care about, “Tell me one way to love you” or if you want to be less direct use this, “Give me an example of when you felt the most loved In your life?”. Listen to people talk about their good experiences. We give a lot of clues about what we like and what we want to experience often, we just need to make sure we are listening when people talk so we can absorb their clues.