Four Important Secrets On How To Accept Yourself in Ten Minutes Or Less

Four Tips On Self-Acceptance: Blog, Video, and Podcast

Tips: To give you a better how idea of how to navigate self-acceptance I created this post for you. It has been written, video recorded, and a podcast came out of it so you can digest in whatever way works for you. If you'd just like to read it then carry on. If you want the podcast scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you can download it as well as subscribe to my podcast. If you'd like to watch me perform this talk, go to my youtube and watch it here: youtube video


          When I was younger I had anxiety issues with going to school dances. I always wanted to go to the school dances, in fact, it was the perfect place for me because I loved talking to girls. I really loved talking to girls in school, in fact, it was my driving motivation to go to school in general. The school dances offered the perfect opportunity to engage with girls but I wasted this opportunity time and time again. I wouldn't go. I was terrified. I was scared of going to the dances. My reason, in retrospect is so silly, but at the time it paralyzed me every single time the opportunity came about. I was terrified for people to see me dance because all of the people in my neighborhood could dance like pop stars.

          One day this girl that I had the biggest crush on asked me if I was going to the Homecoming dance after the football game. Of course, I used the excuse of football as the reason why I couldn't go an told her, "Nah, I won't be going because I just want to focus on the game and my family is taking me out for dinner after. It'll be my last homecoming here so they're taking me to my favorite restaurant." Isn't it funny that when we lie we come up with so many details but if someone quizzed us, we would forget. I'll never forget that lie because that's one of the activities I actually wanted to do. My family unit was breaking apart and all I wanted to do was get us all in the same space. The truth is, I wasn't going to dinner, and I wasn't going to the dance either. I was going to play the football game and then I was going immediately home to sit in solitude. With this energy in mind I want to give you a few tips that can help you get through a situation similar to this. Use this story as a launching pad to connect to your own story. This confusion, this anxiety, or this feeling of unworthiness can easily be conquered. I hope these four tips help you start to accept yourself more instantly. In fact, I know they will help you because practicing these has completly changed my life.

When we doubt who we are it causes us to go inside of our head to think, rethink, and then to overthink about all of the possible outcomes again. The worst war in the world is the one that goes on inside of our heads when we are not confident in ourselves. It’s a process but we have to love ourselves as we grow, we have to accept ourselves for the human that we are today.
— sylvester mcnutt

  1.  Never Compare Yourself To Other Versions Of Yourself - This is the most common mistake we make in life when it comes to self-acceptance. If you really want accept yourself you can't compare yourself to who you were back in high school or who you might be in twenty years. The truth is that nobody knows who you will be and your past doesn't truly define you. The past is the past, that's it, and it's nothing more than that.        

  2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others - In a way, we are actually taught to compare ourselves to other people, and we don't have to. It's conditioned in us to compare our grades, our clothing, and our physical bodies. We don't need to do this but we have a society that uses imagery to sell product. Consumerism is one of the main reasons we compare ourselves. It happens with subtle little thoughts like,"Damn, I wish I had that body or those abs." With social media now we get insight on people's personal lives. This allows us to compare how often we fly, how often we eat at fancy restaurants, or who goes to more live events. Social media is not the problem and neither are other people who are simply sharing their life. The problem is that a lot of us are conditioned to compare our lives instead of just observing the content. I am a content creator. I am trained to read, watch, and listen to other content creators art. I never think that there's is better or worse than mine. You should have the same approach when it comes to social media. Observe other people's page as a fan objectively. Be appreciative of what they post, be happy for them, and never compare yourself to their posts. Just appreciate their journey and yours. Let's be real, none of us are perfect, but we sure know how to make it look like we are. 
  3. Care Less About What People Say - If we go back to my story from the beginning, we see that it was a person who was highly obsessed with the judgment that others would pass on  him. Is it safe to say that other's judgment impacts you as you fight to accept yourself? In my story that little boy was terrified to go to the dance because of how good others were, because he thought others might make fun of him, and because he didn't know the truth about that situation. The truth is this, It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about you. Maybe if they're trying to find a mate or hire you for a job sure but a school dance? Why do we give so much power to other people? When are we going to stop caring so much about what other people have to say about who we are or about what we can do?
  4. It's Not About What You Feel, It's What You Understand - To reach a place of acceptance you have to have a realistic view of the world and a realistic view of yourself. A lot of the times, we are not realistic with our ways of thinking about ourselves. For example, I am not a great dancer but I am not completely lost. I didn't have to judge myself so harshly as I was. I was not realistic and I wasn't able to be realistic because I was comparing myself. To really know yourself you have to have a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses. Most people are too harsh when they talk about their own weaknesses and highly overestimated their strengths. So the goal is to find an honest, a subjective, and a realistic view of who we are. Sometimes this may come from taking constructive criticism from other people. It always comes once we stop lying to ourselves about who we are because we know deep down inside, we all know the truth. We don't always accept the truth but we always know. 

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