Do This Secret Trick To Have An Amazing Week

Do This Secret Trick To Have An Amazing Week

Set Your Intention: We have heard this so much but what does it really mean and how do you do it. In this short writing, I'm going to give you three tips that will help you set your intentions for this week. 

2. Visualize: What you want this week/day to feel like. I've always looked at setting my intention as two things: first what is my plan and second how am I going to feel about it. You need to figure out what approach works for you. If you're more of a planner, analytical, or very organized then the method approach might be better for you. If you're more of a feeler, an empath, an intuitive then you should focus on your feelings. When I say "visualize" what you want your week/day to be, it needs to be based on your feelings or your methods. Simply clearing this approach up will help you tremendously.

3. Take Massive Action: I am big on "action", in fact, the biggest flaw int he theory of the law of attraction is that the gurus who use it don't tell their people to take action. Action creates results. Action creates products. Action creates life, period. Thinking and feeling alone is not enough to manifest what you want in your life, it's simply not. You can desire to get straight A's in college but if you're not dedicated to the craft of studying and mastering the material, you might walk away with C's. I cannot buy that thinking and feeling alone will manifest the life you want. That has not been my case. I have never thought my way into success. I am successful and the only reason why is because I followed this path: think/feel it, and then take massive action to create it.

1. Determine If You Are Going To BE ABUNDANCE or SCARCITY: I know you read my Lust For Life book and because of that, you are operating from an abundance mindset right? You are feeling like you are deserving of love, mindfulness, peace, and prosperity. You have to decide early and often if you are lacking or scarce, or if you're operating from a place of abundance. You have to decide. You cannot allow the week to decide it for you, you have to decide right now. I hope you have a great week because I feel like you are deserving of it. Before you go I have two more things for you.

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