Tips Towards Trusting Yourself + 7 Powerful Secrets To Stop Overthinking

trusting yourself

A lot of us do not find the success, the love, the happiness we desire because we do not trust ourselves enough. We practice self-doubt and negative self-talk instead of empowering ourselves. In this article, I am going to share with you an excerpt that I wrote to myself this week and then, I will provide you a video to help you stop overthinking, and then I'll leave you with a few thoughts around trusting yourself + overthinking; they are connected, that's why I am doing it this way. From this article, you will gain a powerful perspective on how to empower yourself through trust.

Journal Entry To Self:
The older I get the more and more I accept that everyone has to do what’s best for them. I have given so much of myself to others, for a long time, that I am now focused on me. However, I’m focusing on trying to remove my ego, to remove the “me” from everything I’m experiencing. Over the last five years, since my father’s death, I have been practicing how to be detached but how to love. How to care deeply about what matters and how to be indifferent towards the rest. Still learning what balance of these equations works for me.

I’m learning that everyone has their own desires, their own experience, their own pain, and their own potential.

All I can really do is focus on what I can control: my effort, my attitude. I have to let go of what I cannot control. I have to be okay with the outcomes of things I cannot control. I have to be okay with people’s behaviors because I cannot control them.

People may not like me, that’s okay. People may not want to build with me, that’s okay. People may not like what I stand for, that’s okay. People may want to end communication with me, that’s okay.

I have to value who wants to be in my life. I have to value who values me.
I have to value the people who return calls and texts, and who stick to plans.
I have to value my work, my mental health, my physical health.
I cannot put value in things that don’t value me, not at this point.

Trusting Yourself Tips:

1. DIG DEEP: In the excerpt above all I did was write freely. I shared where I was at, what I wanted, what I was thinking. I did so without fear or judgment of self. Don't be afraid to go within, that's where all of the power is. Use the example above and write to yourself like I did. Write in your journal, on your computer, or in your notepad on the cellphone. Don't limit yourself it's just a practice.

2. Stop Overthinking: Below, I added the "7 Powerful Secrets On Overthinking" below. There is not much I need to write because the video gives you all of the words you need. Once you reduce the overthinking, you will be freed, you will feel like a new person. Trust me. Make time right now and watch the video below. Even if you feel like you don't struggle with overthinking, just watch, it will bring you value.

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