How To Stay Consistent With Everything Right Away

Consistency Is ALL About Action


You must read this. This will take two minutes of your time. It will help you be more consistent. You have to be consistent in life. 

1. ACTION - This is the most important part of developing anything of value. Most people waste time planning, asking for permission, & being scared of achieving. I don't care what the goal is the only way you will obtain it is through action, more action, & then even more action on top of that. If you work seven days per work then all seven should have some type of action that is producing you a result. This applies for relationships, for self-growth, & in any type of business. 

2. ALWAYS ADJUST THE PLAN - Many people like to create plans. I like that idea, a little bit. What I love is having the ability to adjust. I'd rather be the type of person who can adjust as life happens versus being the person who gets stuck in every situation. 

3. Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset - This is one of the deepest concepts that you will ever read. The Fixed mindset is a person who believes that the skills they have are just the skills they have. Fixed mindset people will hide their flaws, everything is potentially a risk, & they fear expansion. The only thing they want to know is how to keep what they have. They don't really want to transform. The Growth Mindset is the complete opposite. They want to grow, they want to be inspired, the want to be motivated, they want to be challenge. They believe that what they have is not enough and they need new information. 

So why does this matter? Well, I don't really have to tell you because you already know that one of these mindsets has a higher chance at creating more abundance than the other. Which one do you think it is?


Last thing. If you struggle with consistency you have to ask yourself three questions and only three. 

Have I put out enough action?

Am I adjusting to the plans?

Where is my mindset at?


If you ask yourself those questions over and over, I promise that you will develop more consistency in everything. 


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