3 Ways You Can Be More Creative

Creativity Matters

image source: pintrest

image source: pintrest

If you’d like, call me crazy. I’m okay with it, in fact, you might be right. I am crazy because I actually believe what I am about to tell you: the key to happiness is to stay in touch with your creativity.

I feel like the reason that anxiety and depression is at an all-time high is because people have taken in the wrong information. We have taken in the idea that work, school, being flaky and chasing the the dream is the only thing that matters. Now, let me not be a hypocrite here. Writing to me is my dream, speaking on my podcast and to people at my talks is also a major component of my dream. You viewing this is advancing my dream and I appreciate you, but before you could view this I had to determine that my creativity matters.

Tip number one for being more creative is that you have to make a decision. You will never just magically become more creative and add more happiness to your life if you don’t proactively commit to it. The best way to do anything in life is to try. In fact, I too am creating a new brand that will help me express myself from a photography/videography standpoint. The smart thing to do would be able to link it here, but I cannot yet, because I have not launched it. If this is your first time of hearing about me, please connect with me on Instagram on my main page @Sylvestermcnutt and when I do release it, you’ll know.

Tip number two for being more creative is to persuade yourself to share it with your friends. Yes, I know, terrifying right? Yes, they're going to make fun of you because you’re weird right. Yes, I know, they’ll tease you because you do creative things right. Let me ask you a question: would you rather keep fake friends around you or would you prefer to cultivate space where you allowed real love in? For me, if I share with you my art, regardless of who you think you are to me, and you tease me and put me down — that lets me know that I need to get rid of you. I don’t expect you to blow smoke up my ass, but I do want encouragement and to be pushed to pursue what is going to make me happy. I do want you to challenge me to get better, to keep creating, to keep evolving. If you are my friend and you share an idea with me, I am going to be honored that you shared something so vulnerable with me. I truly believe that creativity is the key to healing, happiness and to finding yourself in this mad world. I want everyone to push themselves creatively. If your friends are the type I described earlier, the type who are going to make fun of you and put you down, then you need new friends. Express yourself and share it with your true friends!

Tip number three for being more creativity is make to monthly and weekly challenges. Right now, I am going a yoga challenge. I am doing 30 minutes of yoga every single day for 28 days. I am on day 21 right now and I have not missed a single day. I know someone may say, “Yoga is not art though.” And that, to me is where most people go wrong. Art can be anything that allows you to feel creative. I love that I can flow, move, twist and turn with yoga. I love stretching and breathing, and for me, that is art. For you, art can be yoga, cooking, drawing, reading, painting, singing, dancing, public speaking, riding a bike, doing tricks on a skateboard, etc... I simply challenge you to give yourself a weekly or monthly challenge. I picked 28 days because I wanted to do it everyday and I needed something longer than a week. I don’t feel like a week is enough to change habits and that is why I picked one month.

Comment below and let me know what you got out of this or what you’ll do trying moving forward. And if you think I am crazy, feel free to let me know below, I don’t mind. I might be crazy but I am happy, have mental peace and no suffering. So maybe, I am not the crazy one after all. 😃

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