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The Podcast About Loving Life



I Love My Life.

I am convinced that the most important part of life is this little thing we like to call, learning. The Loving Life show is a reflection of what I have learned in order to reach, what feels like, is true self-love. To me, there is no such thing as a guru, no teacher has the answer, no mentor can save us. Life, in my opinion, is about love, experience, and organic growth. My purpose is not to position myself as a guru, because I don't believe in that, but to position myself as a storyteller.  I am experienced in pain, in love, in adversity. I have a special gift: the ability to inspire others into action. I do this through vulnerability, humor, and storytelling. If you can find value around topics like self-awareness, self-love, dating, relationships, healing, setting boundaries, finding purpose, and how to develop yourself to be successful the Loving Life Show Podcast will help you more than it will hurt.

 Click the link to listen on iTunes or  Soundcloud

Click the link to listen on iTunes or Soundcloud