Sylvester will embark on his third national tour, the Free Your Energy Tour which aligns with his eighth book, Free Your Energy. With this tour, Sylvester brings his introspective storytelling style to inspire the listener to dive deep into self. To help the listener figure out how to free themselves from fear, from overthinking, from bad energy, from behaviors that don’t create abundance, from second-guessing self and from not vibrating at the highest level possible.

Sylvester's Free Your Energy book is expected to be an international bestseller that transforms the reader's life. Sylvester has been speaking to people since 2013 and has inspired thousands of listeners to grow, to heal, to develop strength and to find purpose in life. This tour will be hosted by the world renown poet and mega-entrepreneur, Qosmic Cadence. Sylvester will close each set with stories that will spark your soul, the inspiration that will make you smile and realistic action-plans that will help you feel like 2019 will be your best year. Free Your energy is the next book you need to read. Come out to the Free Your Energy seminar in your city and allow 8-time bestselling author, podcaster, content creator and mega-entrepreneur Sylvester McNutt III to inspire you to be your greatest self.

Each venue is expected to be sold out. Get your tickets today !!!


Los Angeles - Aug 2014
Phoenix - Sept 2014
New York - April 2015
San Diego - Feb 2016
Phoenix - Feb 2016
Houston - July 2016
Miami - July 2016
Los Angeles - Sept 2016
Seattle - April 2017
San Fransisco - April 2017
Los Angeles - April 2017
Miami - July 2017
Chicago - Aug 2017
New York - Aug 2017
Atlanta - Sept 2017
Toronto - Sept 2017
Philadelphia - Oct 2017
San Diego - Dec 2017
Phoenix - Dec 2017