Free Your Energy E-Book

Free Your Energy E-Book


Free Your Energy: The Path to Freedom, Mental Clarity, and a Life of Enjoyment is a book that explores many emotions and ideas. It gives the reader stories, reflection points, mantras, and acts as a guide to discover their own path to freedom. Mental freedom is a topic schools need to talk about, it’s something we should talk about with friends, and we should use introspection to discover what traps us from reaching our potential.There are some ideas, places, and people that we must let go of in order to be free. There are also, connections that we need to improve, enhance and add value to. Humankind has always searched for meaning and purpose, and for a lot of us, that question creates stress and anxiety. In Free Your Energy, we discover our own path to have mental clarity, to create and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and we figure out how to simply enjoy life.The writer, Sylvester McNutt III, does not tell you how to think or feel; he simply uses an introspective storytelling style to spark your brain, allowing you to create your own path. Free Your Energy will water, nourish, and challenge you. Free Your Energy hopes to be the spark that helps you create the life you deserve.

Explored Writings:

Chapter 1: Break Up with the I-Am-Not-Enough Mind-Set — 6
Chapter 2: Imagine Feeling Like You Are Already Free — 45
Chapter 3: Understanding Fear Is the Key to Freedom — 88
Chapter 4: Free Your Mind from Thoughts and Beliefs That Hold You Back — 116
Chapter 5: Understanding Conflict: A Path to Freedom and Reduced Ego — 144
Chapter 6: To Be Free You Must Detoxify Your Life — 206
Chapter 7: Cultivate Meaningful Connections — 231
Chapter 8: How to Stop Overthinking and Trust Your Intuition — 274
Chapter 9: Honor Your Energy — 303

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