Bundle: All Eight Books With Discount

Bundle: All Eight Books With Discount

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This bundle contains all eight books that I have published. Please note, that in some cases, the books will arrive in two packages, so do not be alarmed if one comes before the other. 

The Accelerated: Success Is A Choice ( Sept. 2013)

The Dear Queen Journey: A Path To Self-Love ( Feb. 2015)

Dear Soul: Love After Pain ( Nov. 2015)

Dear Love Life: Efficeint Dating In The Technology Era ( Aug. 2016)

This Is What Real Love Feels Like (Feb. 2017)

Lust For Life (Oct. 2017)

Care Package: A Path To Deep Healing (Jun 2018)

Free Your Energy:The Path to Freedom, Mental Clarity, and a Life of Enjoyment (May 2019)

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