Hello friend, my name is Sylvester McNutt III and I am a best-selling, self-published author


Here is the chronological order of my book releases: 

The Accelerated: Success Is A Choice ( Sept. 2013) 
The Dear Queen Journey: A Path To Self-Love ( Feb. 2015)
Dear Soul: Love After Pain ( Nov. 2015)
Dear Love Life: Efficient Dating In The Technology Era ( Aug. 2016)
This Is What Real Love Feels Like (Feb. 2017)
Lust For Life (Oct. 2017) 
Care Package: A Path To Deep Healing (June. 2018) 


I was working my corporate job, succeeding as a top performer from 2010-2013, and one day something clicked for me. I realized that I was making good money, I was getting promoted fast due to performance, but I was not happy with myself or my life. I was not living in my purpose and the only thing I wanted to do, was live in my purpose. So I quit the job, with no real plan other than an idea and became a full time creator.

I was in a toxic relationship. I was lost. I was confused. I was in debt. I didn't feel like I had a purpose. And when it rains, it pours, and then I lost my dad in 2014. I was broke, upset, an depressed. Everything since that moment has felt like a triumphant return to grace.  

And today, I am a best-selling author, have spoken in two countries, in over forty cities and I have impacted millions with my content.

It was at his funeral that I decided to take my passion of being a speaker, a powerful voice for healing and love, and an inspiration to find yourself to the next level. Since that day I have worked every single day in the morning, afternoon, or night to spread inspiration on the world. My work-ethic drives me daily. I never want to go to sleep until I feel like I have given enough of myself to the world.

 My goal is not to be be fake positive but to be realistic positive. My goal is to help others deal with and face the hard conversations that people are afraid to embrace aloud: fear, shame, regret, death, heartbreak, stress, depression, sadness, unworthiness, people pleasing and I hate staying on these topics but I transition them into a positive and powerful place. I move my readers and listeners to love, joy, peace, bless, success, happiness, acceptance, understanding, success.

To date, the success I have reached is great, but nothing compares to seeing the messages from people that say I helped save their life. That is the most rewarding part of this journey as a creator.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for giving me a chance to inspire you to walk in your purpose.