sylvester mcnutt III is a self-published author & inspirational speaker. sylvester left corporate america in 2013 to pursue his lifelong dreams of becoming a published author. to date, sylvester has six books that have explored his personal journey to grow introspectively.

sylvester looks at his books as guides and pathways to finding a higher version of self. by sharing personal stories, deep fears, and by being transparent with his vulnerabilities sylvester has helped thousands of people across the world improve their life.

sylvester's newest book 'lust for life' feels like an exploration towards finding inner-peace, manifesting abundance, listening to your intuition, and placing yourself into nourishment environments. 'lust for life' was made available tot he public in the fall of 2017.

sylvester resides in scottsdale, arizona. follow sylvester on instagram, twitter, facebook,, youtube, and twitter. the links are all listed in the sidebar.


chronological order of book release: 

The Accelerated: Success Is A Choice ( Sept. 2013)

The Dear Queen Journey: A Path To Self-Love ( Feb. 2015)

Dear Soul: Love After Pain ( Nov. 2015)

Dear Love Life: Efficeint Dating In The Technology Era ( Aug. 2016)

This Is What Real Love Feels Like (Feb. 2017)

Lust For Life (Oct. 2017)