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An Intro to Sylvester

This is the part of the website where I'm supposed to write in third person and pump myself up so I can appear to be more important or cooler than I really am. I'll never understand why people do that. I'll spare you and stay it in the first person point of view.

First, I'm a human being. I am a perfect balance between the introverted and extroverted energies. I like to stay low key but I never shy away from public interations either. 

I am most known for my introspective prose poetry books. As of today, February 12th, I have self-published five books. You can find the books here. This is the part where I mention how many books I've sold, how they are best-sellers and more information that build my ego. Instead, I encourage you to research my work, to view my excerpts online, and encourage you to develop your personal connection to the work. I can humbly admit that I've done well as a self-published author due to the late nights writing that turn into mornings with no sleep. Due to my desires to connect to each human at the deepest level. Due to my desire to see others in abundant situations.

I currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm still not sure if I'm from Earth, although my mother continues to claim that she gave birth to me in Chicago, Illinois.

As far as my personal interests, outside of writing, it's a rather expansive list. I care about a few things passionately and I just observe the rest of this human experience. I care about basketball, weight-lifting, yoga, vegan food, and traveling.

Thank you for reading the about me section. If you want to know me, find me, come to a show, sit down with me one day and let's vibe.

Sylvester McNutt III


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